Xorg-server 1.6.0 及其相关驱动将被移往 extra 源。

这一版本带来了输入设备属性(input device properties),DRI2 和 内核模式设置(KMS)的特性。注意目前只有 Intel 驱动实现了 DRI2 和 KMS 的支持。

这一版本也带来了一个新的驱动: xf86-video-intel-legacy。这是一个添加了补丁以支持新版 xorg-server 的旧版 Intel 驱动。此驱动适用于使用新的 xf86-video-intel 驱动遇到问题的用户。

仍在使用 xorg-server 1.4.2 的用户建议升级一下,并使用 legacy 驱动来代替 intel 和 i810 驱动。

Xorg-server 1.6.0 and its related drivers will make their move to extra.

This new release features input device properties, DRI2 and kernel

modesetting (KMS). Note that DRI2 and KMS are only implemented by the

Intel driver at this moment.

This release also comes with a new driver: xf86-video-intel-legacy. This

driver is an old intel driver version, patched to support recent

xorg-server versions. This driver should be used by people having

problems with the newer xf86-video-intel driver.

People still using xorg-server 1.4.2 are advised to upgrade and replace intel or i810 drivers with the legacy driver.

via: http://www.archlinux.org/news/443/