ATI/AMD Catalyst 9.7 for Windows 显卡驱动已经在昨天发布,最新版的 ATI/AMD Linux 版的显卡驱动也已经放出,Catalyst 9.7 For Linux 显卡驱动支持 x86 和 x86_64 平台。

按照惯例,技术人员总是先把安装文件上传到服务器,然后在几小时后发布 Release Note,里面包含新特性和已知 Bug 的说明。截止目前为止,Release Note 仍没有释出,可能正在撰写中。


下载地址: Catalyst 9.7 for Linux x86/x86_64


Release Note 已放出,主要更新:


RedFlag DT 7.0


  • X segmentation fault no longer occurs after applying reflections or rotations on some systems that support Xrandr 1.2 or higher
  • Catalyst Control Center hot plugging a secondary display no longer causes screen corruption in clone mode
  • Monitor are now disabled after removing the secondary display when system is in standby
  • Some systems now report CrossFire adapters available during driver re-install
  • On some multi-monitor configurations disabling one display no longer causes both displays to become disabled
  • X Server does not intermittently fail to start on some multi adapter configurations
  • Executing xrandr —prop no longer causes Ubuntu 9.04 X Server to stop responding
  • [Ubuntu 9.04] Segmentation fault no longer occurs with X server Xinerama is enabled


  • Toggling between terminals may cause the system to become unresponsive
  • Catalyst Control Center Display Manager may fail to display HDTV PAL modes
  • The mouse cursor may fail to switch between primary and secondary display in some dual-head configurations
  • “aticonfig -xinerama=o”n may result in different dimension and dpi settings between Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04
  • RandR 1.2 specifying Rotate in xorg.conf may cause X startup to fail
  • The mouse cursor may show incorrect rotation and position on some systems with large desktop enabled
  • Removing secondary display may cause the login screen to appear on the ghost monitor
  • Moving the mouse cursor between two displays may show a the cursor on both displays simultaneously
  • System may stop responding when running Return to Castle Wolfenstein